Bourbon Choco Melon Pan

Bourbon Choco Melon Pan Review

Did you know Bourbon makes a lot of yummy Japanese snacks? And this is one of them.⁠

You’ll think of Hawaiian buns from the moment you open it. A lightly sweeten dinner roll with a hint of yeast/lemon-y smell.⁠

The texture is a bit dry, like a day old dinner roll. But dissolves easily once you start eating it. While the filling might look like butter, it’s actually really smooth and not too oily. The taste will remind you of the custard in eclairs, a lemony vanilla flavor.⁠

Bourbon Choco Melon Pan Review

Size matters. The perfectly baked size uses just the right amount of your saliva to create a fresh bun eating experience. To eat this CORRECTLY, you must let your saliva refill in between bites. Or else it’ll feel like eating dried out bread.

Bourbon Choco Melon Pan Review

Rating 4.7 out of 5

I bought this at Nijiya Market in San Mateo.

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