Chinese Curry Fish Ball Uncle Yu

I found this Chinese snack at Marina Food a giant Chinese grocery store in Fremont, California. I admire the company’s motto “If No Good Fish, Would Rather Not Do!” I can tell the heart going into his snack. Each bag contains about 20 packets of 4 piece curry fish ball.

Ready to eat Chinese Curry Fish Ball Snack Uncle Yu

Curry fish ball is a classic popular skewered street food in Hong Kong. The texture is close to a steamed hotdog without the casing, very finely ground mixture of fish, starch, and seasonings. I noticed a slight recoil when I bit it which shows quality because the real thing has a bouncy texture if done well. While it isn’t super fishy compared to my previous fish snacks, you can taste the mild fish flavor similar to fish stock.⁣ Finally the curry flavor itself resembles Japanese curry more than Indians’.

Chinese Curry Fish Ball Snack Uncle Yu

Ingredients: Fish (cod fish, belt fish, soy protein isolate), water, soybean oil, starch, salt, sugar, food flavors. Food additives: sodium glutamate, sodium phosphorylate, potassium sorbate, sodium diacetate, D-sodium erythorbate.
Product of China

Ready to eat Chinese Curry Fish Ball Snack Uncle Yu

Rating 5/5
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