Fruity Thai Pocky Sticks with Blueberry Taste

Fruity Pocky Blueberry Thai Glico

Fruity Pocky is from Thailand despite Japanese words written below it. I found this in Flushing, New York. And haven’t seen it before in California.

Open Box of Fruity Pocky Blueberry Thai Glico

After having a few bad experience with Thai Pocky, I decided to give it another try. Dam you fancy gold packaging. To my surprise, this smells and taste like real blueberry. Blueberry yogurt to be exact. Even the chocolate coating was smooth and creamy. However, the biscuit was bland and wasn’t semi sweet like other Pocky. On a positive note, it had a nice quality snap to it.

Close up of Fruity Pocky Blueberry Thai Glico

Ingredients: Cannot read Thai. Feel free to message me if you read Thai. You will be credited.
Product of Thailand

Back side of Fruity Pocky Blueberry Thai Glico

Rating 4.7/5

Would you choose blueberry flavor or strawberry?

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