Glico Pretz Sticks with Olive Cheese

Glico Olive Pretz Cheese

Pretz sticks, the savory version of Pocky stick, has introduced this bold new flavor in a ginormous size. The box comes in pack of two with olive theme design to it.

Two Packs of Glico Olive Pretz Cheese

Opening the packet filled my room with a strong cheese aroma like opening bag of Cheetos chips. These pretz sticks are 4x bigger than the regular ones and is comparable to breadsticks. The flavor was quite disappointing as I was expecting cheese flavor to say the least, it tasted like the original Pretz stick but in a giant form. The smell of cheese was definitely there just not the taste of it.

Glico Olive Pretz Cheese Sticks

Here are the nutritional facts and ingredients on the Pretz olive cheese.

Nutritional facts and ingredients on Glico Olive Pretz Cheese
Rating 3 out of 5

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