Grandma Dried Noodle – Green Curry Spicy Flavor

Yellow noodle packaging with chinese characters

Grandma Dried Noodle – Green Curry Spicy Flavor is a type of instant noodle from Taiwan. These noodles are hand pulled then dehydrated, resulting a healthier product unlike traditional deep fried instant noodles.

Each pack of noodles contain three individually packaged servings.

Grandma Dried Instant Noodle Inside Packaging

Inside each serving, you’ll find a two generous portion of noodle and a packet of curry sauce.

Grandma Dried Instant Noodle with Sauce Packet

After boiling the noodles for 15 minutes, bite into the noodle to make sure it’s translucent all the way. Then strain the noodle, mix in the packet of curry sauce, and enjoy!

Grandma Dried Instant Noodle Cooked Topped With Sauce

The noodle’s texture will have you thinking it’s straight out of a restaurant! The mouth feel is similar to fresh pasta noodles, al-dente! Flavor of the curry sauce reminds me of Thai curry, just enough heat to give your tongue a tingle.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Grandma Dried Instant Noodle Ingredients