Haldiram’s Magic Makhana Roasted Foxnuts

Haldiram Magic Makhana Roasted Foxnuts

Makhana (Fox nuts) are lotus flower’s seed. These have a super strong smell of masala, heavy on the cumin and nutmeg. The spiciness doesn’t burn your mouth, but rather your throat.

Haldiram Magic Makhana Roasted Foxnuts

Despite the handful of spices, it leaves no aftertaste! Interestingly, there’s a bit of citrusy and earthiness from the spices. The saltiness is used sparingly to enhance the flavor of the spices. So you don’t feel as thirsty eating this compared to heavily salted popcorn.⠀⠀

Haldiram Magic Makhana Roasted Foxnuts

Lastly, is the texture, falling between a kettle popcorn and rice puffs. It’s softness resembles popcorn while the crispiness is like rice crispy. Definitely closer to the popcorn family. I’ll eat this over popcorn any day!

Rating 4.8/5

Can be found at India Grocery & Spice in San Mateo. And on Amazon.

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