Japanese Rice Cracker Mix with Anchovy Fish

Japanese Rice Cracker Mix with Anchovy Fish

Japanese rice cracker mix is a super popular snack in Japan’s food culture. Especially for munching while sipping on a cold refreshing beer. There are many different kind of rice cracker mix. Today we have the super mixed variety version:

Japanese Rice Cracker Mix with Anchovy Fish

I will review each one. And every piece can earn a possible 1 point being the highest, thus the whole bag can have 9 maximum points.

Japanese Rice Cracker Mix with Anchovy Fish
  • Seasame ball with peanut – nice salty sesame flavor [1]
  • Soy+Spicy with peanut – a little kick of spicy with light soy flavor [1]
  • Wasabi with peanut – a bit thicker, still easy to bite [0.8]
  • Broad Bean – Not easy to bite and the shell get stuck in between your teeth [0.6]
  • Soy+Seaweed with peanut – Tasty soy sauce and seaweed flavor [1]
  • Original with peanut [0.8]
  • Wasabi Peas – No kick, but soft enough to easily bite into [0.6]
  • Anchovy Fish – Hard! And the flavor gets stronger as you chew it more. Great for fish lovers. I like fish, so this was good [0.8]
  • Black Bean – Nice soft crunch like a peanut with mild taste [0.7]
Japanese Rice Cracker Mix with Anchovy Fish

Ingredients: Unable to translate 🙁 I welcome anyone who wants to translate it for the snack community!
Product of Japan

Rating 7.3/9

Thank you bamboobox.org for sending me this.

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Rice Cracker Mix with Anchovy Fish”

  1. I was given these as a tip by a couple staying at an extended hotel for local and international travelers. I have been looking for these snacks for over two years. Could you help me find them??

    • You could find these in most Asian supermarkets. Online wise, I found a similar snack on eBay by searching “japanese peanut snack mix”. The ones on eBay does not contain dried salted fish or broad bean like this one though. Hope that helps!

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