Meiji Black Choco Cubie⁠ Chocolate

Meiji Black Choco Cubie

Meiji Cubie, a Japanese chocolate shaped into a cube with an added waxy coating.⁠

But why?

Remember the time you broke off a piece chocolate with your bare hands and it started to melt? Well, this waxy layer helps prevent that.⁠

Meiji Black Choco Cubie

The chocolate smells like cocoa powder you use for baking. A bitter, earthy scent. Which makes sense for being a black chocolate. I noticed it’s stronger than Hershey’s chocolate, and has a fraction of the sweetness. While the taste falls under my preference, the waxy coating was a turn off. It’s like licking a marble.

Meiji Black Choco Cubie

Rating 1 out of 5

I found this at Mitsuwa Marketplace. And have also seen it at Nijiya Market.

One of my favorites are actually Meiji Black Chocolate Bar.

Have you tried this chocolate before?
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