Pocky Uji Matcha Biscuit Sticks⁠

A bag with a cup of matcha latte printed on it and 3 green tea biscit stick

I finally decided to buy this new release Pocky after eyeing it for months.

Each bag contains 10 individual packets and a cool little tray to hold it in.

What I couldn’t figure out was the random hole in middle of the box.

Anyways, to properly open this packet of Pocky stick, you must tear it outward towards yourself.

Once it’s opened, you’ll noticed two things.

The biscuit part sticking out is where you’ll grab it, and is what I call a Pocky handle.
And you’ll notice a creamy matcha tea smell just like matcha latte.

But why does every pack only comes in 2 sticks?! That’s like ordering a large fries and you’re only allowed to eat 2.⁠

Maybe because the creamy chocolate coating is so thick it feels like you’re eating a rittersport biscuit.⁠

Two green colored biscuit sticks

And that’s exactly what the biscuit stick texture felt like. It wasn’t the typical snappy Pocky, instead, it has a soft brittle crunch.⁠

As for the chocolate, it reminded me of a non-bitter matcha kitkat. The mouth feel was very creamy, but not oily, and doesn’t leave behind those cheap chocolate aftertaste.⁠

Rating 4.7 out of 5
I bought this Pocky at Ranch 99 in Daly City for $2.99.

BTS of how I took the hands free picture

To take a photo on iPhone without holding it, first you need to plug in the ear phones that has a volume control. Then you’ll place the volume control on your teeth and hold it. When you’re ready to take the photo, lightly bite on either the volume up or down to activate the camera’s shutter button. And that’s it!

How to take a photo on iPhone without holding it

P.S. Don’t forget to mount your phone on a holder and position the camera angle of what you’re taking.

Place phone on a mount to position camera angle