Prince Katsu Honey Butter Almond

These honey butter flavor snacks has been trending. And I’ve been slipping on the honey butter trend and the reminder to buy it never stuck around.⁠⠀

The smell of honey butter lean towards the butter side more, while the chips version had a stronger honey smell. ⁠⠀

My favorite part is the outer shell, it’s a thin crispy layer of honey magnetized to the almond skin with a bold flavor of butter. When bitten on the seam, it cracks open like a plastic Easter egg. ⁠⠀

The taste of honey starts off strong then is taken over by the butter, which drags on longer than the chips. However, the taste of almond isn’t as strong as raw almonds. But the crunchiness was perfect like roasted almonds.⁠⠀

Rating 4.8 out of 5⁠⠀
Available at Hmart and Amazon.