Tochi Snack: Salted Egg Potato Chips (Spicy Kettle)⁠

Tochi Snack: Salted Egg Potato Chips (Spicy Kettle)⁠

The company “Tochi Snacks” sent me this to try.

A quick introduction: Tochi snacks are made in the U.S.A using salted duck egg yolks. Today I’ll be reviewing the kettle cooked version.⁠

These chips are cooked in a blend of vegetable oil, clarified butter, and organic coconut oil. What dominated was the coconut, it smelled like opening a jar of the actual oil. Next, was a hint of salted egg yolk smell.

On a plate

As expected, the coconut taste created a base, and when combined with curry and spicy, you get a sense of laksa flavor. Which is a spicy Malaysian coconut curry soup. The salted egg yolk was grounded to a grainy size, your tongue can feel the sandy texture as it goes through each chip. And the salted egg yolk tastes exactly like the real thing.

Close up

Spicy, and they mean it. What’s nice is the kick comes after you taste coconut and salted egg yolk. The chip has a thick crunch, meaning, it has a dense crispiness that breaks down softly the more you bite it.⁠⠀

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Rating 4.9 out of 5

Thank you Tochi Snacks for sending me these.

Where to buy

Tochi Snacks is based in New York, USA. You can purchase it directly from their website
They’re also now available at Boba Guys!